pondělí, dubna 13, 2009

Zababa's Mafia Wars Expense Guide

I think you players of Mafia Wars will find this very useful. If you ever wondered what to buy next for your mafia, my excel table will tell you. It calculates the current earning power of the properties you can buy and suggests for you the one with the highest income-per-cost-ratio. Try for yourself.

If you care and fill in carefully all your inventory aswell, it will give also a nice overview of your incomes and upkeep.

Download Zababa's Mafia Wars Expense Guide. The Excel Table contains few lines of text as user's manual. If you have further questions write me an email or comment here.

Update: I no longer play Mafia Wars. If you like you can modify my sheet or add some tables for Cuba. Just keep my name in the credits. Don't send me Mafia Wars requests any more.

5 komentářů:

Lukadlo řekl(a)...

To teda čumím, tebe to uplně pohltilo :)

Sven Siegmund řekl(a)...

Nech se taky pohltit, dostaneš agentskej foťák a budeš cvakat kompromitující fotky bossů.

red momo řekl(a)...

Hi Sven, I had posted an entry about your spreadsheet :) Thanks for commenting in my blog ^-^ Have fun with Mafia Wars!

Sven Siegmund řekl(a)...

@Bobert: That's right. For now I have no idea how to tell Excel that it shall subtract 10 undeveloped spaces when you buy some property. (Maybe some script could help.)

For now you have to do two things manually after you buy a property: 1. you set the number of the owned property higher, and 2. you set the number of corresponding undeveloped spaces lower.

Sven Siegmund řekl(a)...

@Bobert: And yes, you are right. When calculating income per cost, the lost undeveloped space is not counted. In that case it must not me counted. But maybe I should count it in the column "Planned income increase". I'll check it out and do something about it in the version 1.9