pátek, dubna 17, 2009

Mafia Wars Godfather Points - How expensive are they really

It is unbelievable, but If you ever thought about buying some Godfather points for Mafia Wars, look at this table (which is by the way included in my Mafia Wars Property Expense Sheet). Here you will see how expensive it is to buy yourself 3 crates or a stamina refill.

GF points$$/GFP1 Crate3 CratesMoney5 MafiaEnergyStaminaHealthNew name4 Skillpoints
Cost GFP20551020101021514

Now, are the two uncommon things you get in 3 crates really worth 12 bucks?

pondělí, dubna 13, 2009

Zababa's Mafia Wars Expense Guide

I think you players of Mafia Wars will find this very useful. If you ever wondered what to buy next for your mafia, my excel table will tell you. It calculates the current earning power of the properties you can buy and suggests for you the one with the highest income-per-cost-ratio. Try for yourself.

If you care and fill in carefully all your inventory aswell, it will give also a nice overview of your incomes and upkeep.

Download Zababa's Mafia Wars Expense Guide. The Excel Table contains few lines of text as user's manual. If you have further questions write me an email or comment here.

Update: I no longer play Mafia Wars. If you like you can modify my sheet or add some tables for Cuba. Just keep my name in the credits. Don't send me Mafia Wars requests any more.